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A class-action lawsuit was recently begun in Canada against Roundup manufacturer Bayer AG (which acquired the company Monsanto – the original manufacturer of Roundup) over claims that Roundup’s active ingredient, glyphosate, may cause various health issues, including cancer, due to their failure to warn consumers of the potential health risks posed by its products. The lawsuit’s Plaintiffs claim suffering from various types of cancer include Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, breast, gastric, prostate and brain cancer, leukemia and renal cell carcinoma.

Plaintiffs include those diagnosed with cancer, as well as spouses, children, parents, siblings and those representing the estates of those who have already passed away from cancer.

What is a class action lawsuit and why should I consider joining?

A class action is a form of litigation in which one or more persons present a claim to court in the hopes of representing others who have suffered comparable harm by the negligence of the same party. Class actions began to level the playing field between the seemingly endless financial resources and legal expertise of large companies and everyday individuals who might not otherwise be able to afford the cost of litigating a complex case.

Are there other class action lawsuits involving Roundup?

Yes, but they have been in the United States. This is the first class action lawsuit against the makers of Roundup in Canada. Lawyers for the plaintiffs in the US have been able to successfully argue that Monsanto manipulated the science that glyphosate-based herbicides are safe and that they employed deceptive practices when communicating with the media and regulatory agencies for their own corporate financial gain knowing the serious harm that Roundup had the potential to cause.

Current Plaintiffs and Defendants

There are currently over 60 persons named as Plaintiffs in the various claims filed across Canada, but it is speculated that thousands of Canadians may have been impacted.

The Defendants vary depending on the province in which the various claims were filed, however some of the Defendants include Bayer AG, Monsanto Canada, and Bayer Cropscience, as well as retailers Canadian Tire and Home Hardware.

How do I know if I qualify to join the class action against Roundup?

Whether you used Roundup on your personal property or as part of your job duties for a company and have subsequently been diagnosed with cancer, we at Umbrella Injury Law want to speak to you. Please click the link below to contact one of our experienced personal injury lawyers for a free consultation to determine if you may be eligible to join the class action lawsuit.

Think you may be eligible to join the Roundup class action?

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