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Injury Practice Areas

Claims We Can Help You With:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Injured in a motor vehicle accident? Don’t settle your claim without an experienced injury lawyer at Umbrella Law. We will help you with your claim and seek rightful compensation.

Class Action Lawsuits

When the negligence of one party comparably harms multiple individuals, a class action lawsuit can be formed. If you believe you have standing for a class action suit, contact Umbrella Injury Law today.

Slip and Fall Accidents

If you’re the victim of a slip and fall accident because of negligence you may be entitled to compensation for general damages, pain and suffering,  and any out-of-pocket expenses or future medical costs.

Animal Attacks

If you or someone you love has been bitten by an animal, Umbrella’s Personal Injury Lawyers are here for you. We’re committed to helping you obtain the compensation you are owed under Alberta’s law.

Personal Injury

We are committed to helping seriously injured individuals get the fair compensation and access to the resources they need and are entitled to in order to recover from their injuries.

Wrongful Death

Senseless death is devastating and loved ones cannot be replaced, but an aggressive lawsuit may right wrongs, help family and friends find closure and at the very least it may save others from similar tragedy.

Car Accidents

Our accident and injury lawyers in Alberta will aid injured vehicle crash victims get the compensation they deserve, for pain and suffering, loss of income,  cost of care and other out of pocket expenses.

Motorbike Accidents

Injuries sustained from motorcycle accidents can be devastating. If you or someone you love has been affected by this type of crash, our experienced team of lawyers is here to help you seek justice.

Product Liability Law

Defetive and dangerous products can cause serious harm to all users. Don’t suffer the financial burdens of manufacturer negligence, Umbrella Personal Injury Law will ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

If you or someone you love has been injured and is in need of a personal injury lawyer, Umbrella Injury Law is here for you. Our experienced legal team works hard for our client to earn them the settlement they deserve. If you’ve been a victim of an injury, don’t suffer in pain. Reach out today for a consultation.

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