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Slip and Fall injuries are no laughing matter

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common causes of injury in Alberta. While often seen as being minor or even humorous by onlookers, victims know that Slip and Fall accidents are no joke and should not be taken lightly. Injuries resulting from a slip and fall accident can severely impact your well-being and livelihood. If you’re a victim of a Slip and Fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

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    What are Slip and Fall accidents?

    They are pretty much exactly what they sound like – any injuries that are the result of a slip and/or a fall. The following are examples of Slip and Fall incidents:

    •  Tripping over an object
    • Falling on a slippery or uneven surface
    •  Falling into a recess or void

    While victims often blame themselves for Slip and Fall accidents, there can be mitigating factors caused by the negligence on the part of a third party that entitles victims to compensation. Examples of this include injuries that are the result of:

    • Unsafe stairwells
    • Inadequate fencing
    • Areas with inadequate lighting
    • Lack of (or unclear) warning signs of hazardous conditions
    • Unsafe handles or supports
    • Uncontrolled animals
    • Inadequate ice/snow treatment or clearing  (such as a store owner using kitty litter for traction on ice)
    • Improperly maintained sidewalks or parking lots
    • Unsafe public spaces, such as restrooms, pools or parks
    • Unsafe escalators and elevators

      I’ve had a Slip and Fall accident – now what?

      After suffering a slip and fall accident, make sure you do the following to ensure your ability to make a claim should you decide to make one and maximize your chances of receiving fair compensation:

      1.       Seek medical help – make sure you get the help you need!

      2.       Take photos of relevant conditions – try to figure out what caused the problem.

      3.       Find witnesses – gather the names and contact information of any witnesses that were present when you became injured or may have seen how the unsafe condition came to be.

      4.       Contact a lawyer – you’ll want to speak with a lawyer that specializes in personal injury law, such as those here at Umbrella Law.

      Once you’ve completed these steps, your lawyer can advise you on whether or not someone is responsible for your injury and the strength of your potential claim to help you decide whether you’d like to begin the process of making a claim to get compensation for your injuries. Determining fault/liability in Slip and Fall can be a tricky thing from a legal standpoint, but typically falls on property owners, maintenance staff, homeowners and/or the victim.

      Laws regarding Slip and Fall injuries

      The Occupier’s Liability act clearly states that owners, be they businesses, private homeowners or government agencies are responsible for maintaining their properties. While maintenance standards and laws surrounding the determination of liability differ for private and public spaces, your safety ultimately must be ensured while you are on the premises. At Umbrella Law, we work with victims to determine the exact cause of the incident and resulting injuries and work hard to ensure you receive fair compensation.

      How an Umbrella Law personal injury lawyer can help you

      Every claim is different and the liability and value of each claim needs to be assessed in detail by one of our lawyers to advise you on your best course of action. Should you choose to proceed with a claim, we will fight to prove to the court that an owner created an unsafe condition by failing to properly maintain their property, which resulted in your injury. Often compensation for successful claims is paid by the insurance company of the person responsible for the incident. The compensation paid can be used to pay for healthcare required to recover from injuries resulting from the incident, as well as affects that happened thereafter, such as lost income from not being able to work, home maintenance for an acquired disability, as well as pain and suffering.

      If you think been involved in a Slip and Fall accident due to the negligence of a liable third part, contact Umbrella Law today so our lawyers can ensure that you receive justice and fair compensation.

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