Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

You’ve been in an accident, you’re hurt, now what?

Being involved in any type of accident, whether you are in a motor vehicle accident, are involved in a dog attack, or have a slip and fall accident, it can be frightening, stressful and emotional for not only the injured party. The impact can also have a lasting effect on your family and friends. You will want to focus on getting well, attending medical appointments and treatments as recommended by your physician, rather than having the additional stress and pressure of dealing with an insurance adjuster.

While some people are able to settle minor personal injury matters on their own, one should obtain legal advice from a qualified personal injury lawyer.

What We Do

An experienced personal injury lawyer will walk you through the entire process of your personal injury claim. They will identify issues such as causation, liability and previous injuries that may affect your claim. An experienced personal injury lawyer will take care of gathering all of the necessary medical information and documentation required to support your claim and individual needs.

There are also limitations that must be met as required by statute in order to secure your right to compensation if you have been injured as a result of the negligence by another party. If you are unsure of what limitations must be met, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a qualified injury lawyer. If a limitation as required by statute is missed, this can have a devastating impact on a personal injury claim and may result in no compensation being available to you now or in the future.

Insurance companies will want to pay you the least amount possible, especially if you are unrepresented by legal counsel. An experienced personal injury lawyer has the knowledge and skill to identify potential issues that may affect your claim. They will quantify and negotiate a fair settlement on behalf of their clients, often resulting in a much higher settlement amount. There are many heads of damages that may form part of an injured person’s claim that an individual may not be aware of or, would not have the qualifications or expertise to quantify. Heads of damages and quantification of damages can be a complex area of law and requires the skill of an experienced personal injury lawyer and in some cases various expert opinions.

An experienced injury lawyer will assess your claim, hire the appropriate experts to assess your injuries and your limitations that affect you physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. This is an integral part of an injury lawsuit.

For example, an expert may be required to assess a complex past and future income loss claim, business income loss, and opportunity claim or, a housekeeping capacity claim. Depending on the injuries sustained and the severity of those injuries, additional experts such as neuropsychologists, employability and vocational experts or, an engineer may be required to prepare an accident reconstruction report.

In some cases, the defendant’s insurance company will hire and send you to their own medical experts. In this situation, your injury lawyer may hire an expert to rebut that opinion/report. Obtaining your own expert reports can be not only time-consuming but extremely costly. When you are represented by an experienced personal injury lawyer, they will do all the footwork for you.

Umbrella Injury Law

Umbrella Injury Law, based out of Edmonton, Alberta, is here to assist you throughout the entire process of your claim. We listen with a compassionate ear and understanding as to our client’s difficulties and concerns. We will take care of all aspects of your injury claim until a satisfactory resolution of your matter in a professional and timely manner.

No matter how unique or complex your situation might be, you can count on Umbrella Injury Law to take care of each and every aspect of your claim. Contact us today to start the process.


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