The Importance of Hiring an Alberta Lawyer

The Importance of Hiring an Alberta Lawyer

Deciding to hire a lawyer can be the most important decision you make as you navigate your personal injury claim.

Once you have decided you require the assistance of a lawyer to assist you with the settlement of your personal injury matter, your first inclination may be to call the first number you see on a billboard or in the phone book. Personal injury lawyer marketing seems to be popping up with ever-increasing frequency. However, impressive advertising may not always be the best indicator of the legal expertise you require.

Go Local

A number of firms opening offices recently advertise ‘multiple locations. On the face, this may appear to be a positive signal. However, it is important to scrutinize how ‘local’ these offices claim to be. While these firms may be aware of provincial law, a local lawyer has ties to the community, relies on referrals from satisfied customers, and is cognizant of their reputation in the local legal community.

This can benefit your case as the local lawyer is familiar with insurance adjusters and defense counsel practices and tactics; knowledge of accepted arguments with mediators and judges, as well as better ascertain the value of pain and suffering as it relates to the amount comparable injuries have been compensated.

The Benefits

Hiring an Alberta lawyer can give you an edge in litigating your case, such as:

  • In-depth knowledge of Alberta statutes, case law, and insurance limits
  • Accessibility
  • Familiarity with specialists, support groups and contacts to assist you with your recovery
  • Ensure important limitation deadlines are met
  • Navigate the complex Alberta insurance system for accident benefits

Insurance companies want to settle injury claims as quickly, and for as limited a sum of money, as possible. An Alberta lawyer can ensure you document your injuries, give you professional and objective advice, determine liability and you will get the legal support you need to fully recover your health and resources.

We encourage you to search the Law Society of Alberta website. Any lawyer you are considering hiring can be investigated to determine, among other things, how long they have practiced in Alberta.

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